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Your Canadian Taxes can be complicated or simple, but when your ready to work on them, the right software can make anyone's filing process easier and quicker to complete.

You can measure your decision by cost or ease of use, but what I have found out over the years is that no amount of cost saving is worth stress from complicated hard to follow instructions that generally make it much harder to get the job done.

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Canadian Income Taxes can be consuming when tax time comes around. The last thing you need is to be stressed by cumbersome tax software when your filing your return. Many software brands for this purpose exist but, only a few really measure up to the standards of top performing products for filing your Canadian Tax Return.

One such product has been the best seller for a very long time, TurboTax Canada. This software developer has been firmly ahead of the competition for many years and seems to be trenching in as the #1 selling product for tax preparation.

I have been around and tried a lot of different brands only to find myself back where I started using these editions for myself and family members.

TurboTax Canadian Tax Software Editions Include:

  • Free: A great product at a great price (Free) that is designed for simple tax return needs. The perfect edition for simple returns.
  • Student: The ideal program for your education tax filing needs.
  • Basic: This product covers basic tax filing and support to help you quickly import your data and complete your return with ease.
  • Standard: The right choice if your return will include donations, medical expenses, RRSPs, tuition or to optimize deductions between family members to get the best benefit from your returns.
  • Platinum: Has all the Standard Edition tools, plus powerful tools for claiming investments & rental property income.
  • Business Un-Incorporated: is ideal for Home and Small Business filing or the Self Employed, It is designed to lighten your tax filing tasks.
  • TurboTax Canada 20: If you have Multiple Returns to File, then here is the perfect solution for your task at hand. It includes filing for 20 returns and allows you to maximize deductions for your whole family to insure everyone gets the maximum refund available to them.

Filing Your Canadian Taxes Online

Your choices in formats for tax preparation are either online filing, downloadable software or purchasing the CD

  • Online: The advantage to online filing is that you can work from any computer anywhere you have a internet connection. Another benefit is that you never have to worry about loosing your work due to a computer failure. All your progress is stored safely online so it's always there when your ready to work on it.
  • Download: This format is downloaded and installed on your computer so that you can work on your return even if you don't have internet access. All information is stored on your computer and ready to access anytime you need.
  • Boxed CD: Well if your looking to give a gift, it is a great way to share the simplicity of TurboTax Canada software.  Everything you need is tucked neatly inside the box ready for you when your ready for it!

I like knowing that I'm going to be guided in a simple to follow format that insures me the biggest refund along with the least amount of hassles. To me TurboTax fills that bill with the best experience I've had yet for filing my taxes.

Canadian Taxes are due by April 30th and most of the time I really never convince myself to work on them until the last two weeks approach. By waiting this long, I can really be putting myself in the position of getting stressed at the last minute trying to complete my return. Fortunately I know that my choice of software has and will always get me through easily and quickly on time and stress free!